Uniforms, new and used!

We just hit our 100th day of school on Thursday, Feb 12th! By this time, you may have noticed that some of your student’s clothing items have taken a pretty good beating, and you may have already replaced some items! This beautiful spring weather may cause sudden rapid growth and your kid may soon be sporting high-water pants and too-tight shirts. As a mom of two boys, we go through pants quickly, as the knees never last! Long sleeve shirts get ratty and stained at the sleeves, and the short sleeve shirts start stock piling stains. Also, if your kid forgets his coat, or your daughter left her PE uniform at school again, you may be running low on closet inventory! Perhaps it’s time for a reorder!  Here are some places to find uniform clothing!


  • Used uniform sale: Parent Liz Walker hosts a weekly used uniform sale at the lower school- Assorted sizes and items based on what is donated at a fraction of the retail cost. Proceeds benefit PALS and our school. Upper school also has used uniforms- please contact John Steenmeyer or Liz Walker @ walke933@comcast.net for more info. If you have gently worn and clean uniforms to donate, please bring them in as well.
  • Consignment stores: good source of Khakis,Khaki and PE shorts and skorts. Not so good for logo’d items. We have many nice local ones including Wee Ones Reruns on Alabama and James, Half Pints on Meridian next to the WECU bank, and Little Bugs off Alabama on Yew.


Launching Success: New items in stock and they can order some addtitonal items. Located on Prince Avenue off of the Guide. Main source of our girls’ uniform plaid items.

Land’s End: Has our logo on file, nice selection of jackets, polos, pants and skorts.  Also, heavy duty pants for boys with reinforced knee. No girls’ plaid items. Check for percent off sales and logos for one cent.

Spiritwear: PALS sells Hoodies and T’s. Hoodies can be worn as part of the school uniform, and T’s can be worn on Spirit, House League and Free Dress Days. Several sales held throughout the year.

Mall stores: Old Navy, Gap, Childrens’ Company, etc: Great source for inexpensive pants, PE shorts and skorts.  Old Navy/Gap have a uniform section online.

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