Help Wanted! Parent Volunteers and School Support Team!

Hello Parents,

We are coming up on another successful school year. It is amazing how much our school and families accomplish in a single school year! I have loved working with all of you, and have loved watching our kids grow in so many ways over the course of the school year!

PALS has had tremendous support over the year and we hope to invite everyone who has volunteered in any capacity to the annual Volunteer Tea on Tuesday, June 10th at 2 pm, LS cafeteria. We hope to see you there!

This year PALS has raised over $30K in fundraisers and has held many awesome events, including the well-attended parent-board meeting in September, October Book Fair, Innisbrook sale, our first Parent Knight Out, Dinner Knight Out, Family Fun Night and the upcoming Walk-a-Thon, as well as our family services like our Used Uniform sale and Subway Sandwich lunch program.

This money has been put to some great uses too: US Musical instrument purchase, art lessons at the lower school, new lunchroom tables, field trip and scholarship support, chapel guild projects, re-paving the back parking lot (this summer), preschool field trips and projects, PE equipment, teacher and staff appreciation and luncheons, new Chrome Books, and the last Upper School Furnishing Fund payment! Hurray!

PALS has noticed the volunteer trend change over the last five years. It used to be a surplus of Stay-at-Home-Moms looking for a way to help out and make friends. The truth is we are moving away from that reality, to one where most families at SPA have two working parents. PALS will be looking into ways we can grow and change, in order to still offer fundraising opportunities and social events but with manageable time commitments.

That said, we once again will be asking for parents to help out PALS in order to create the kind of school community we want for our students and families. If it takes a village to raise a kid, it takes a lot more to run a school full of students! We are looking for help in the PALS Core- formerly known as PALS Officers- We need a Secretary, who will take minutes at our Operating Committee meetings ( usually every other month)  as well as email and Blog support. We also need parents willing to learn about the PALS Financials, as well as what the President/Coordinator does, so as our current volunteers “retire” or as their children move on, we have new parents waiting in the wings to insure a smooth transition.

We also want to challenge, encourage and request that each family make a commitment to volunteering for 10 hours in a school year.  Whether you help out in the classroom, drive for field-trips, help out with PALS fundraisers, volunteer for the Salute/Grand Cru Auction, the Science Fair or even school grounds cleanup, we need you! More volunteers equals less volunteer fatigue/burnout and creates a better, stronger school overall. PALS will be investing in a volunteer management and tracking program to understand our volunteer needs, where hours are spent and where we need additional support.  From here, we will be able to make recommendations to the board as needed. PALS will connect over the summer to have a strong plan in place for next year. Comments, help, questions etc are all welcome.

Thank you again for all the help and support over the year!

Kara Crotty

PALS President

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