Help Out SPA over the Summer!

Summer is busy, with so many things to do and places to go, but we also need our families to stop in and lend a hand! The Lower School is changing  a lot for next year, which is exciting and daunting!

If you have a few hours to share over the summer, we will have many jobs to do—Yard work to prepare the back lot for paving, moving the 5th grade out to the US and the 3rd grade over to take their place. Creating the new Science and Art rooms in the former 3rd grade space. Boxing up the library books and moving it over to the PALS and Sibling care space and moving PALS to the Library. Shelving all the books, plus the new ones we plan to purchase from Whatcom Day!

I will post jobs as they come up, feel free to stop by and pitch in if you have the time and want to help rebuild the look and use of the Lower School.  The teachers cannot do this alone and they shouldn’t have to, the job is far too great!  If everyone donates a day to help out, we can make our school so much better!


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