Welcome Back!

Hello Families,

It is exciting to come back to school after a busy summer! We hope your students have enjoyed their first week back! We cannot believe how big all of the kids have grown in just a few months time!

I am especially exited that we have had lots of parents, new and returning stop by and inquire about volunteering and being a part of PALS! Thank YOU! We cannot have a successful school community and parent group with out volunteers! Please find time in your busy schedule to pitch in, whether you have 5 minutes or 5 hours, every bit helps us create a strong school community!

Those of you who have returning students, you will notice some wonderful things around the lower school! We had some very busy parents and staff this summer working at summer camps, moving classrooms, sorting used uniforms, decorating for back to school, and processing all 12,000 library books purchased from Whatcom Day made possible by some generous parent contributions.

A big thank you to the following volunteers who helped sort, organize, shelve and log all those books! Anita Austin-Landers and her son Joe, Heather Carter and daughter Ivy, Jennifer Snyder, and Wanda Maddox. Our newly formed Library Guild is still looking for volunteers and if you can help, please volunteer. We will hold several meetings throughout the school year regarding book purchases, used books sales, and train volunteers to enter new books into our library system.

Also thank you to Liz Walker for organizing and selling used uniforms all summer and school year! Having a well organized Uniform Closet allows PALS to earn about $6,000 each year and helps parents reduce the cost of back-to-school shopping. If you find your kids growing at a rapid rate, check out the uniform closet. Uniform Sales take place at the Lower School every Wednesday after drop off and before pick up. We will keep both LS and US uniforms at the LS school. Please donate used uniforms back to the school as long as they are in good, wearable condition. We CANNOT accept dirty, stained, ripped, frayed or faded uniforms. Please toss unwearable uniforms, or donate them to Ragfinery in town.

Thank you to Heather Carter for updating all the PALS information and Operating Guidelines. We will have all volunteer information available in the PALS office at the Lower School and next to the offices at LEPS and the US. We are looking for a few more parents interested in being a part of our PALS Operational Committee which oversees the PALS budget, fundraising, and spending.

PALS will be hosting coffees at Lower and Upper schools on a regular basis. Please swing by and say hi and see what is volunteer help is needed!

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