Busy Back-to School for SPA and PALS

Thank you parents for putting up with a once-again very busy Back to School at SPA!

We know how the first two months of school is a constant rush of trying to balance schedules, school work, after-school activities, and keep up on all the information flooding your inbox and kids’ folders!

When we have a fundraiser early in the school year, it helps us make pay off any initial obligation we face–usually Field-trips, LEPS enrichment in art, scholarship contributions, and Chapel Guild support.

We have reached over $4000 in Innisbrook sales and have neared the $8000 mark in Buyout donations–this is an excellent start to the year for PALS! When we meet or exceed our fundraising goals, it takes pressure of of PALS to have to add in additional fundraisers, or extend deadlines and allows us to fund fun family activities for PALS to host.

While Parents have stated that the new Innisbrook method of online sales is a challenge without the catalogs, we appreciate all of you who have supported this fundraising effort by turning in sales, or buyouts already. There is still lots of time left so please do your part and turn in orders or buyout forms.

The Scholastic Book Fair as well as we had excellent sales despite losing a day to a late truck arrival and another to an in-service day. We earned over $3200 in book credit to purchase books for the libraries and teachers’ classrooms. Our librarians are excited to get these new books entered into the system quickly so your student can read some of these new books!

Thank you to the parents who purchased books to donate as well! And many thanks to our volunteers- many of which were new SPA parents, and Anita Austin, who coordinated the Fair and who was here daily from 7:30 am to about 5:30 pm each day!

And finally, our first Dinner Knight Out was met with fantastic support! We earned $1050 and had record number of families attend and enjoy a night out at Scotty Brown’s. Thanks to the Walker Family for hosting our school and thank you to the attentive staff for great service!

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