Dinner Knight Out: Oct 21st @ Scotty Brown’s

Dinner Knight Out: Oct 21st @ Scotty Brown’s

5 pm to closing

If you enjoy a night off from cooking, and your kids enjoy hanging out with school friends–then a Dinner Knight Out is the perfect event for your family!

Dinner Knights Out are a fun PALS hosted event that is part social event and part fundraiser. Participating restaurants donate a percentage of proceeds raised back to PALS. Some restaurants include Take-Out and or Gift Card purchases as part of the proceeds.

When you attend a Dinner Knight Out remember the following:

  • Tell your server you are with SPA for us to receive credit
  • Come Hungry! The bigger your bill, the bigger donation we earn!
  • Invite friends and family! The more the merrier!
  • Tip your server! This can be a busy night for restaurant staff, so please treat them well!
  • Consider buying your Teacher dinner! They work hard, so why not treat them?
  • HAVE FUN!!

We hope to see you at this FUN Family Event!

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