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Awesome Turnout for Winter Fun!

Welcome back Students, Parents and Staff! 

We hope everyone has a fun, relaxing, wonderful Winter Break!  A BIG thank you for the cards, treats and gifts. We appreciate our generous families!

We had a great turnout at both our PALS sponsored events, as we had 230 people attend the Star Wars Premiere, and 60 students attend the Lynden Skate party!

PALS goal is to host several fun family-centered activities each year to strengthen our school community and enjoy the company of our school families. If you have any ideas for a fun group activity, let us know and we will look into it for the future.

Next up for all-school fun will be a premiere of a new movie in February through FilmRaiser. FilmRaiser is a fundraiser that donates 10% of box office proceeds to our school for those who order tickets through the FilmRaiser Website. Our first FilmRaiser movie, The Peanuts Movie, was a big success and families who attended enjoyed seeing the movie with school friends!

Thank You~





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