Jr. Ski 2 Sea Parade

The Jr Ski 2 Sea Parade is held on Friday, May  This is a fun event for families! We ask that you arrive on time; there will be time for snacks, face-paint, and time to decorate bikes and other ride-ons.
  • We would love to have any Ski 2 Sea racers walk the route with their teammates.
  • If you have toddlers, Pre-K or K students you may want to bring a ride on of some sort: wagon, ride on vehicle, stroller etc.
  • While the route is short, if you don’t have transportation waiting for you at the end, you have to walk the route  back to your car! Make arrangements
  • We allow LEPS and K to dress in costumes as knights and princesses. We will be looking at creating a fun themed T shirt  or costume for the rest of the school participants.
  • Any companies or businesses willing to sponsor SPA Ski 2 Sea teams, please contact PALS at pals@sp-academy.org

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