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Scrip Orders Due Monday, May 9th


Scrip To-Go is Scrip we keep in stock at school so you can buy it when you need it.

  • Want to catch the latest movie? Pick up some Regal Scrip cards
  • Going grocery shopping? We have Freddy’s, Safeway, Co-Op and Whole Foods Scrip available.
  • Need uniforms? We have Land’s End & Gap/Old Navy Scrip on hand.
  • Need caffeine? Get your Starbucks Cards!

Scrip is easy to use–just order the cards for stores you generally shop and use them like you would a gift or debit card. Some cards are even re-loadable.

Otherwise, shop on-line and order your Scrip that way. Planning a gardening project? Buy Home Depot scrip to purchase some soil and flowers. Have prescriptions to fill? Buy your scrip first! Going out of town? Buy your hotel, restaurant  and gas scrip in advance…

Please take the time to look over and turn in PALS’ Scrip Order form.There are thousands of stores that offer Scrip and the profit goes directly to our school.

Use the handout that went home with your student or go to  ShopWithScrip website, www.shopwithscrip.com and the enrollment code is 9562ELE646983.

Scrip is a great way to have family members or friends help out our school as well…Simply include their order form and check and then can begin shopping with Scrip too!





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