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PALS update – Feb. 14 2017

Hello Parents,
It has been a very crazy few weeks since Christmas break. We are trying hard to get PALS back on schedule to provide support to our staff, schools and our families! PALS was able to do good things with the money raised so far:

  • PALS provided Christmas treats to all of our well-deserving staff.
  • PALS is purchasing a new Cricut Machine for LEPS.
  • PALS hosted the annual SPA Skate Party at Lynden Skate with free skating for students and staff.
  • PALS purchased a Bluetooth Speaker for the LS PE teacher, so they can have music wherever they go.
  • PALS helped fund the video produced by the US Video Club which was featured at the Grand Cru Auction.
  • and PALS donated a weekend at Harrison Hotsprings for the Auction Raffle.
We have much more to do and support including Finacial Aid and Field trip Assistance, Library and Chapel Guild projects, teacher requests, Passport club and more. So make sure you support PALS by purchasing Scrip, Used Uniforms, attending the upcoming Dinner Knights Out *(more to follow) or feel free to make a donation to PALS at anytime! 
Thank you to those parents who reached out with offers of help and support. We have found parents to help with both Libraries and Lost and Found.  If you would like to be a part of the Library Guild, please contact Rachel Gulleson at
We need parents willing to be a substitute Pizza Server with Pizza Service on Tuesdays and Thursdays 10:50am – 12:30pm. If you are willing to be a substitute–let us know and we can put you on our list.
Contact or sign up using the Sign-Up Genius link on  the sidebar.
Scrip Sales: We need a few more volunteers to help with morning and afternoon sales. The more Scrip we sell, the less like we are to bring back magazine, coffee, entertainment books, wrapping paper and cookie dough sales. You’ve been warned 🙂  Sign up using the Sign Up Genius link on the sidebar.
Uniform Sales: PALS holds used uniform sales every Wednesday morning from 8 am – 8:30 am or by appointment. We now have NEW Uniforms as well as new p.e. shirts–so swing by if your kid has suddenly outgrown all their school clothes.
Passive Fundraisers:  Please turn in Box Tops for Education and sign up for Amazon Smile (SPA) and Fred Meyer Community Rewards (PALS)…these little efforts on your part help us make over $1000 a year simply by linking up to our school!
And please join us at our PALS Volunteer Meeting, Tuesday Feb 21, 8:15 am at the LS Cafeteria regarding opportunities for voluteering.

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