PALS 2018

Pardon our lack of attention to our PALS Blog! With Both Heather and I accepting jobs at the school, we’ve had less time to dedicate to specific things, like this blog.  We hope that this changes so we can let you know what PALS is doing and how it affects your student(s), family and our school community as a whole.

Lately, the PALS team has been focused on micro-projects that we can do to help the school. We just got off a successful Scrip sale right before Christmas break that will allow us to dedicate almost $1000 to fix up the LS parking lot/drive-through area and make it cleaner and safer.  We are also applying for a local community grant to assist in this project. We are checking regulations to see if we can add a gate between the driveway and entrance to the Mall behind us, as well as hauling the junk and litter that has been accumulating back there. Finally, we will add a bit of landscaping to make sure our school looks top-notch. PALS was also able to pay for the plumbing to get a new drinking fountain (generously donated by an SPA family!) installed at the LS.

PALS Funding: Clubs and school groups ask for funds throughout the year. PALS mission is to support our students by helping support enrichment activities whether it be through school programs, field trips, assemblies or clubs. This year we have been able to offer seed money/start-up funds to various clubs such as the chess club, video production club, ASB/House League, and the upcoming Science Fair Club!

PALS Community Events: Every year PALS puts on community events, some which raise funds for PALS and some which are just an opportunity to hang out. This year we have held a Parents Night Out and Winter Break Roller Skate Party, and we will also add a Dinner Night Out, Spring Break Family Activity and Family Fun Night on May 4th! We are also looking to add a karaoke or game night TBD so stay tuned!

Teacher Requests:  We also support our teachers and specialists with purchases that benefit our students and allow them to teach with the necessary supplies and tools.   In the past, PALS has purchased noise-canceling headphones, new musical instruments for music, a new drying rack for art. This year our LS students got much needed new PE and playground equipment from money raised from our FFN giving tree and PALS! The MS will be making purchases as well!

Fund-A-Need bridges the gap when needs arise but there is no room in the school budget. At the end of the year, with the guidance of the directors, we look to where the most pressing needs are at each school in order to help each campus. Sometimes PALS makes a big donation like purchasing new windows or lunchroom tables for the lower school or paying for the cost of the playground install at LEPS, or sometimes things occur on the smaller scale, like plumbing costs for the new drinking fountain, playground cleanups and new mulch, and the teachers’ lunchroom upgrade at the LS. 

Volunteer Hours: Some very amazing parents helped us add up all the volunteer hours so far. We have almost 30% of parents meeting the 20-hour service requirement so far! Thank you for the help! We cannot believe what a difference it has made so far, in terms of alleviating burnout on the regular volunteers, adding to our school community, and just being able to meet so many more parents! If you haven’t started with hours, need help finding ways to be involved or have questions, stop by the PALS office on Tuesday mornings or email pals@sp-academy.org. We will need help with merging the data we have into a form we can send out to parents — so if this is an area you have talent and a bit of time, please stop in!


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