What is scrip?

Scrip is a way to fundraise through gift cards. When you buy scrip, PALS earns a percentage of your purchase, which then goes towards student enrichment such as playground equipment, field trips, and other activities. Scrip is one of our major fundraising activities. Use scrip gift cards for everyday shopping and raise funds without having to sell stuff. PALS asks every family to set a yearly goal of raising $200 through scrip purchases. For example, if you buy a $100 card that has a 5% rebate, you’ve earned $5 for PALS.

Scrip gift cards are available for over 300 retailers, including Safeway, Whole Foods, Amazon, Starbucks, Regal Theaters, and many more. You can get physical gift cards, electronic cards, and reloadable cards.

How do I buy Scrip?

New for 2020! Our scrip program is now all online. You can still order cards for your favorite stores and have them shipped directly to you or sent electronically. 

Buy online at Shop with Scrip.

Create an account at and use enrollment code 9562ELE646983. Then shop from a huge list of national retailers. You can choose from physical or electronic cards, or you can reload an existing card. Then pay by linking your checking account or credit card (convenience fees will apply.) Your e-cards and reloads will be released after your payment is received. You will be responsible for shipping charges for all physical cards.

Buy through the Raise Right App

Raise Right allows families a quick, convenient way to purchase and refill your digital scrip or order physical scrip cards for home delivery. Download the Raise Right App from the App Store or Google Play, and use Enrollment Code 9562ELE646983 to link your account to our school fundraiser.

Raise Right App Video:

Do you have questions?

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