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Scrip Orders Due Monday, May 9th

Scrip-To-GO! Scrip To-Go is Scrip we keep in stock at school so you can buy it when you need it. Want to catch the latest movie? Pick up some Regal Scrip cards Going grocery shopping? We have Freddy's, Safeway, Co-Op and Whole Foods Scrip available. Need uniforms? We have Land's End & Gap/Old Navy Scrip on… Continue reading Scrip Orders Due Monday, May 9th


Fred Meyer Community Rewards Program

Fred Meyer has graciously sent us our first check through the Community Rewards Program. So far 21 families have registered and we have earned about $28 in this quarterly statement. If we can get the majority of our families signed up, we could be on track to earn over a $1000 each year or more, just… Continue reading Fred Meyer Community Rewards Program


Science Fair Help Needed!

St. Paul's Academy is hosting the 4th Annual Whatcom County Science Fair on March 12th. This fair was brought about by our parents wanting our school to take a lead in promoting STEM, and specifically the value of understanding the scientific process. With that, this Fair and competition has grown rapidly each year. Much of that… Continue reading Science Fair Help Needed!


Monthly Scrip Sales on Now!

PALS is ready to launch our monthly ShopWithScrip Program! This has the potential  of being our biggest school fundraiser just by shopping and supporting at your  favorite stores and businesses. In order to be able to place online orders, you will first need to register on the  ShopWithScrip website, www.shopwithscrip.com.  If you are unable to register on‐ line, paper order forms will be available from the school office and need to be  returned to the PALS mailbox. Orders will be placed once a month. All orders will be processed and placed on the  SECOND MONDAY of every month and will be ready for pick up on the THIRD  MONDAY of each month at the lower school. Once you have placed your orders please drop off your payment to the PALS secure  mailbox located in the lower school. Payment MUST be received before your  order will be processed.  Alternatively, you may register for Presto Pay on the  ShopWithScrip website and have your order directly debited from your account.  http://www.shopwithscrip.com/Support/faq/prestopay If you are unable to pick up Scrip at the lower school on the third Monday of the  month please email me, huggettd@gmail.com or text at (360)220‐9920 to make  alternative arrangements. I would also like to announce that we are now offering Community Food Co­Op  Scrip cards.  You will find it with all the other great retailers listed on the  ShopWithScrip website. We look forward to adding additional local businesses  as well.  Please contact me if you have or know of a business that would like to be  part of our Scrip program. I want to thank all the families who have already registered on the ShopWithScrip  website and make sure you forward this information to friends and family‐‐ grandparents, co‐workers, neighbors, etc. ‐‐who would be willing to support our  school. I look forward to fulfilling all your orders. Happy Shopping! Sincerely, Dana Huggett PALS Vice President & Scrip Coordinator huggettd@gmail.com or (360)220‐9920


Shopping Week at Launching Success

PALS has once again partnered with Launching Success to offer local shopping with a school give-back! Shop at Launching Success or their online store during the week of November 29th - December 5th and PALS will earn 10% receipt totals purchased by SPA shoppers! Be sure and tell them you are shopping for St Paul's Academy… Continue reading Shopping Week at Launching Success


Fun Over Christmas Break!

Winter Break Activities: As parents, we are always looking for fun ways to spend time with our kids over the long winter holiday. Bored kids are challenging kids, so PALS is hosting some fun events to get families together! STAR WARS PREMIER Sunday, December 20th, 8:00 am @ Regal Cinemas. Be one of the first people… Continue reading Fun Over Christmas Break!


FilmRaiser: a fun way to make money for our school!

FilmRaiser: a fun way to make money for our school! First film: The Peanuts Movie, Nov 6th, 7th and 8th...please go to http://www.filmraiser.com  and register to buy tickets for the Peanuts Movie Premier weekend. PALS will receive 10% of the box office sales of each ticket sold though Fandango + SPA PROMO CODE We hope… Continue reading FilmRaiser: a fun way to make money for our school!