Financial Information

For PALS Bylaws click HERE

Financial Reports – click on the link to read the latest PALS financial report summary.  Hard copies are always available in the PALS office.

PALS February 2017 budget summary
January 2017
December 2016
November 2016

PALS earns money in three main ways:
PALS engages in 3 styles of fundraising: Passive Fundraising, Service Fundraising and Active Fundraising.

Passive fundraisers are events that take little time or money for them to be successful. Box tops, soup labels, Fred Meyer Community Rewards all generate money for PALS, but they cost families nothing.

We generally include the Dinner Knight Out in passive fundraising because we are not asking for a a direct donation, and you are able to choose to attend or decline and because hey, you’re going to eat dinner anyway!

Service Fundraising includes the Used Uniform Sales, Spirit Wear, Pizza and Subway Sandwich Sales: these provide a service to our busy families and generate money for PALS. Used uniforms has proven to be one of our biggest fundraisers, now bringing in over $5000 each year. We appreciate our parents supporting the uniform sales by donating used uniforms and shopping the sale!

The Subway Sandwich and Pizza Sales give parents a break from the thankless job of lunch making! Plus, students get a tasty and healthy lunch option.

PALS receives a percentage from each sandwich sold and pizza slice . We earn around $2-$3000 each year in sales for each fundraiser. We appreciate the continuing support of Subway and Little Caesars Pizza for partnering with us on this fundraiser.

Active Fundraisers include fundraisers where well sell items like Innisbrook,  ask for donations like the Walk-A-Thon or charge admission like Family Fun Night. Parents are expected to contribute to these fundraisers if they did not choose the Buy-Out option.





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